Self Sunday: 1.02

Before I headed to college, my mom and I stopped at my grandparents house to say “goodbyes”. While there, my grandmother informed me that she wanted to say a prayer. We all including my grandfather grabbed hands and bowed our heads, and my grandmother openly expressed her hopes for me. While I don’t recall every word of her prayer or much at all actually, one particular remark has always stayed with me. My grandmother sincerely prayed that I would never forget where I came from. I didn’t understand why that was so important to her. Was she afraid that college would change me? Did she see a trait in me that made her wonder about the person I would become? Did she believe that cherishing my beginning would somehow shape my future? Honestly, I have no idea. At the age of 18, although curious, I never asked her why.

Through the years, I made it a point to never forget. Sometimes that meant being ashamed or feeling angry. While my past has not changed, my perspective has. Today, never forgetting where I come from means always remembering the help I have received along the way. While I may never know the thoughts and emotions behind my grandmother’s expression, I would like to think that is what she wanted.

Sometimes we can believe that in our personal darkness, there is no light. However, without light, how would one know darkness? Did someone show you kindness at a time when you thought no one cared? Did you face a difficult situation and see the helping hand of someone you’d never expect? I challenge you all to reflect on a dark situation in your past and find a light you may have overlooked. Once you’ve found it, use it to inspire gratitude in your heart and allow it to teach you how to be a light to someone else.