Trend Alert: The Patent Leather Bootie

Jacket: Zara (similar here), Shirt: Ann Taylor LOFT, Leggings: BP., Purse: Coach, Shoes: Nine West (similar here)

Hi, Loves! There are so many boot trends this year that it’s almost impossible to keep up! There’s the red boot/bootie trend, the slouchy boot trend, the sock bootie trend, and of course the patent leather boot/bootie trend. I love trends, but I definitely don’t buy into all of them. Here’s my strategy.Since I prefer classic styling and timeless pieces, I think about which trends will complement my wardrobe and style best. I also consider whether or not the item can outlive the current season or year. Will I likely wear the item next year? If not, then I don’t buy the trendy item OR I buy the inexpensive version and wear the heck out it. I try to be very wise about how I spend my coins even though style and fashion are important to me.Honestly, I wasn’t going to try any of the new boot trends this year. I was content with admiring them on other bloggers and celebrities. However, I found these for a great price at TJ Maxx, and I couldn’t pass them up. The patent leather trend in my humble opinion is the most wearable of them all, and I foresee getting some wear out of them next year. I’ll share some cute patent leather booties with you below if you’re on the hunt for a trendy boot/bootie.