20 Things That Make Me Happy

I love to celebrate the small things in life. Too often we ignore the small wins and joys because we are focused on bigger and better things. While there’s nothing wrong with thinking big and wanting better things, it’s important to be present and aware of the things that we have now that make us happy.

I’m sharing 20 things with you that make me happy, and I challenge you to make your own list of 20 things. On this list, I won’t include the big joys of my life like my husband, my daughter, and my family and friends. Instead, this is an opportunity to acknowledge the small things that make us smile.

Here we go in no particular order:

  1. Grocery store flowers. I have always loved flowers. Growing up we had beautiful hydrangea bushes that grew alongside our house that mesmerized me. Now, I buy myself flowers weekly, and Kroger has beautiful bouquets.
  2. The fall season. Need I say more?!
  3. Singing in the shower.
  4. The accomplished feeling I get after working out when I didn’t want to exercise at all.
  5. Quiet time. I’m a true introvert, and alone time is a must.
  6. Anything that has to do with Star Wars.
  7. Clean sheets on my bed. They just feel and smell so good!
  8. Going to the library. #MyHappyPlace
  9. The smell of leather. Particularly a leather handbag. Yes I have issues, okay?!
  10. Dancing to my favorite tunes while I get ready.
  11. The ocean. I belong there.
  12. Playing games. Word games. Card games. Board games. I don’t discriminate.
  13. Reading a good book. I recently reread my favorite book of all time, A Wrinkle in Time, and I’m super excited about the upcoming movie.
  14. Doing random acts of kindness. It feels so good to give.
  15. Frogs and turtles. When I see them, I’m in full baby-talk mode. “Heyo, Mr. Froggy!”
  16. The color blue. Cobalt blue is everything.
  17. Visiting new places even if it’s a local spot.
  18. Eating delicious, healthy food. #NoGuilt
  19. The gingerbread men at Primos. #Guilt
  20. Thinking about things that make me happy.

Now it’s your turn! I’ve enjoyed this exercise so much that I’m going to share 5 more things on my Instagram stories today. XOXO