Trend Alert: Plaid

Are you obsessed with plaid this season? I sure am. It is showing up in every form: skirt, shirt, dress, whatever! I’ve added some new plaid pieces to my wardrobe so I thought I’d share a few ideas for you! :-) Hope you enjoy the plaid inspiration! Deets are at the bottom!









Houndstooth After Dark

Hi, loves! Long time no hear right?! I have truly been M.I.A. with good reason. I won’t bore you with all the details, but work has been pretty hectic for the last two weeks. I had a big project to work on, and I am so happy to say that it was successful! In addition to that, the time change has so flipped my schedule upside down. I’ve had to reschedule locations and times for my blog shoots, and it’s just been a task. But I am here to say that I am back to business! #BackToBusiness Fall is my favorite season as I have said so many times. Thus, I cannot fail to post my fall fashion. That’s the whole point out, folks! Lol

There is so much that I am looking forward to, but the main thing that has really been on my mind fashion wise is…Black Friday. I am so distracted! Are you? I am like seriously stressing out about Black Friday or…black Thursday. Whichever! I am a huge Black Friday shopper so this is major, people! I have seen most of the sales. I know what I want. I’m just waiting on one store to give me the goods. Give it up! My whole budget and plan is based around this ONE STORE so if their sale isn’t what I think it’s going to be, then that just ruins the whole thing. I have a feeling that I won’t know what the sale is until Thursday morning. Ugh! I just don’t get it. How can they afford to be secretive in this day and age?! That’s so Black Friday two years ago! *sighing

My Outfit: Houndstooth has really been in this season. It’s such a classic print that it’s really always on trend during the fall and winter. Last year I got this skirt from Ann Taylor, and I absolutely love it. I decided to pair it with my new plaid scarf, which I think works so well with the houndstooth. I thought this raisin-colored coat would be a nice pop of color! Oh and yes, I bought a new bag! (Y’all should know by now that I’m bag crazy!) I haven’t bought a Coach purse in years so I’m hoping that my experience with the Coach Bleecker Riley will make me a fan again. So far the lack of a key keeper and feet on the bag is a disappointment. But I do love the new Coach Ranger! Super cute! Hope you enjoy this!


Coat: Old Navy, Sweater: Banana Republic, Scarf: Forever 21, Skirt: Ann Taylor (I love this one), Purse: Coach, Tights: Merona (similar here), Boots: Nine West, old (similar here), Bracelet: The Limited (similar here)

Toodles! XO


Fancy Friday – Tracy Reese Feathered Mirabeau Dress

Hey y’all! It’s Friday! Yay!!! So…I know that every Friday I’m posting something that I love, and I do fancy those items. However, just because I like them doesn’t mean that I’ll buy them or wear them. Of course, I would love to, but come on let’s be real. I can’t buy everything I want or love. But…this Tracy Reese dress! I need it!

First, Tracy Reese is one of my favorite designers. That sista can make a dress! This dress came down the runway of her Fall 2014 Ready-to-Wear Collection in black. Second, I’m going to an event next month, and I’ve been looking for the perfect dress. Third, I always turn to Anthropologie for great unique dresses. That store has come to my rescue in the past (I blogged about how Anthropologie saved the day here).

So finally, I came across this dress on the Anthropolgie website and ‘bout died at my computer. Isn’t this gorgeous?! Although this dress has a simple silhouette, the beautiful saturated color and textured fabric make this dress a one of kind piece. Plus, I can’t forget to mention the cute, little feathers. *sighing This dress has me written all over it, and I gotta have it! #ThatIsAll

4130204595555_061_b 4130204595555_061_b2 4130204595555_061_b3_LKV9036.1366x2048Hope you guys have an awesome weekend! Toodles! XO


Casual Plaid


Courtesy of PhotO By BilbrO

Hi, loves! Welcome back to my blog! Have you ever seen an item of clothing or a special piece that you wish you had in your closet but that was totally out of your price range? Surely you have!


Shirt: Target, Jeans: Forever 21, Shoes: Michael Antonio, Purse: Dooney & Bourke (similar here)

Despite your budget, at some point or another we all desire things that we really can’t afford. In the world of fashion, that can be pretty frequent. However, thanks to retailers like Target and Forever 21 we can often get the look without the price tag. Being fashionable doesn’t have to mean being broke. Today’s look is absolute proof of that!


Courtesy of PhotO By BilbrO


Courtesy of PhotO By BilbrO

My Outfit: My casual look is on trend with this plaid button-down that I got from target for $11. The shirt actually retails for about $23, but I had a coupon using my Cartwheel app (maybe I’ll do a post on this app), and it was on sale. #Winning My jeans actually retail for a whopping $7.90! Yep all day, every day at Forever 21! I purchased these jeans mainly because my weight is fluctuating at the moment (I’m supposed to be losing weight for Miami), and I don’t want to spend a lot on a pair jeans that I may not be able to wear in a couple of months. My booties…now that’s a completely different story. They retail for about $45, but I found them on the clearance rack in DSW. After one of my reward coupons, I paid $5 for these booties. Yep! That’s like a happy meal, right?! Lol In total, I spent less than $30 for this outfit, and it’s totally cute and fall ready! Ladies and gents, fashion doesn’t have to break the bank!_MG_9375-(ZF-3994-08913-1-006) _MG_9360-(ZF-3994-08913-1-001)

Hope you enjoyed this post! If so, let me know in the comments. Toodles! XO

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