Fancy Friday: Baby Blue

Hi, peeps! Hope all is well in your world. :-) Are you dreaming about spring? Mississippi weather is quite unpredictable, and one day during this week it was like 70 degrees with clear skies! I so had spring fever. Today, it’s in the low 40s and raining. Hmmm

Anyhoo, I’ve been thinking about spring. With retailers rolling out their spring collections in store, one color has stood out to me! BABY BLUE!!! Yes, I’m taking notice! I look forward to adding this color to my closet. I’m sure I’ll rock a monochrome look too!

I thought I’d share some of my favorite baby blue pieces with you! Maybe you can find some ideas for your closet too. Hope you enjoy!

1.  Ann Taylor Faux Leather Jacket


2.  COACH Embossed Edie Shoulder Bag


3.  NASTY GAL Cameo It’s Time Peplum Top49890.0.zoom

4.  Michael Kors Bradshaw Silver Watch


5.  ZARA Suede Cowboy Boots


6.  NASTY GAL Line and Dot Keri Sweater


7.  Ivanka Trump Geava Pointy Toe Pump

Toodles! XO



Miami, FL: Wynwood Walls

Whew! My week is busy, guys! Even so, it’s truly been a great week. Hope you’re having an awesome week as well. :-) I’m sharing with you another installment of my Miami trip today.

I absolutely love art! Now I can’t draw to save my life, but I’ve always been an art lover. My oldest sister is a really great artist. When I was small, I always marveled at how she was able to create beautiful things. Since then, my love of art has evolved.

I couldn’t COULDN’T go to Miami without viewing the Wynwood Walls. I told my husband that it was a must-see, and I’m so glad I did. I mean…how do you look at a blank canvas and create a whole world?! It is pretty amazing! I hope you enjoy the pics I was able to capture while immersed in art.

DSCF7122 DSCF7131 DSCF7137 DSCF7140 DSCF7143 DSCF7144 DSCF7147 DSCF7154 DSCF7156 DSCF7165

Miami, FL: The Vizcaya Museum and Gardens

Hi, loves! This is my first post of 2015! Yay!!! Yes, I know I’m late. So far, 2015 has been quite busy. This week is also crazy busy, but I’m pushing through it. :-) Plus, I don’t work on Monday. Woohoo!

Today, I’m sharing one of my Miami adventures with you! I guess I’ll be doing this for a few posts here and there until I’m all out of Miami pics. Lol I love traveling so I’m excited to share with you the places I went and some of the things I saw.

The Vizcaya Museum and Gardens is such a beautiful and elaborate place. Villa Vizcaya was the winter home of James Deering. Winter home, guys! I was so enthralled with its beauty. Taking pictures inside the museum is prohibited, but I was able to get some beautiful shots of the gardens. Hope you enjoy!

DSCF6636 DSCF6642 DSCF6643 DSCF6648 DSCF6649 DSCF6661 DSCF6668 DSCF6677 DSCF6678 DSCF6679 DSCF6685 DSCF6687 DSCF6698 DSCF6704 S0066694

AnnaGirly’s Look at 2014

Gosh, it’s been such an awesome year!!! Now I can’t say that for every year of my life, but doggone it I can say it for 2014! I started AnnaGirly this year! It took a lot of planning, pondering, and calling my big sister, but AnnaGirly went live on April 1, 2014. It has truly been an awesome journey.

I have learned so much this year! I’ve learned so much about business such as marketing, content strategy, affiliates, etc. I learned to be content with myself, my style. I’ve learned self-discipline and the importance of a schedule.  I have learned my limits. As much as I want to be Superwoman, I can’t do everything! I learned to say “no” to others and “yes” to myself. I’m naturally a giver so that just wasn’t an easy lesson. I’ve learned to shut up and listen. I have learned the beautiful balance between speaking my mind (insert neck roll here) and being tactful. I’ve learned that complacency is just not my thing, and I’m okay with that. Most importantly, I’ve learned the importance of being a learner. Life wields so many lessons. It’s imperative that I’m present and attentive. I can honestly say that I’ve learned so much from the people around me (friends, family, workmates,etc.). Everyone has something of value to teach and share, and I always want to be present and attentive.

Thank you for being a part of my year. Thank you for supporting my blog! Thank you for taking the time to read this post. #LookingForwardTo2015 Toodles! XO


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