Weekend Wear

Hi, all! Hope your week is going well! After our trip to New York, I was hit and miss at the gym. I’ve started my 5 a.m. workouts again so…my body is getting used to that schedule again. Four days a week is just no joke.  I want to do an “Obsession Confession” this week for workout gear. There is so much cute stuff out there that I’d like to share!  Hopefully, I can get that up Friday.

My Outfit:  One of our friends surprised his wife with an anniversary party! Yes, it was the sweetest thing ever! On that day, I just didn’t feel like going anywhere or dressing up. This was acutally the second outfit I tried on. The first outfit looked like this, and to say the least, my hubby was not impressed. Lol That was my cue to change. The outfit wasn’t horrendous, but it wasn’t appropriate for the event. I quickly changed tees and swopped out my sneakers for heels, and voila! It worked!

Also, my husband and I didn’t want to ruin the surprise by showing up late so this was the quickest shoot ever! Like…7 minutes so…not the best picture quality. Sorry, guys. This post is proof that every day is not a blogging day.

528Blazer: Thrifted (similar here), Shirt: Forever 21, Jeans: LOFT, Shoes: Gianni Bini (similar here), Purse: Michael Kors S0068631 S0028627 S0018626 S0038628

Spring Trend 2015: The Shirtdress

Hi, all! Time for another spring trend! Now, since I mentioned my love of dresses in an earlier post this week. I figured now would be a great time to highlight the shirt dress trend! Designers such as Altuzarra, Charlotte Ronson, and Rebecca Minkoff showcased this dress down their spring runways. This look is so classic! Plus, there are enough variations to fit every body type. #LoveIt Here are some ideas if you are interested in wearing a shirt dress this spring. :-)

1.  Asos Glamorous Stripe Midi Shirt Dress

shirtdress3 2.  Mango Pocket Shirt Dressshirtdress7 3.  Sportmax Code Dress

shirtdress54.  Forever 21 Maxi Utility Dressshirtdress1

5.  Alice + Olivia Kris Shirt Dressshirtdress4
6.  Ralph Lauren Silk Evelyn Shirtdressshirtdress87.  Monarch Midi Dressshirtdress68.  Nasty Gal Bella Dressshirtdress9


Hey!!! I’ve realized that dresses are my thing. I love them! I have a very feminine aesthetic i.e. lace, floral, pink, and bows.

Surprisingly, I used to be a major tomboy. In middle school, I would get excited about the latest tennis shoes. I had some Deion Sanders, and you couldn’t tell me anything! Lol As a young girl, my mom would put me in dresses of course. I hated them. They restricted my movement. I just couldn’t run as fast wearing a dress. Not cool! So…I’ve come a long way since those days. However, I still love to dress tomboy chic sometimes. Sweatshirts are just the best top ever! I mean really.

My Outfit:  Guys, I love to hang on to old clothes, but as I learn to declutter, I’m also embracing new clothes. Oh, the perks of getting rid of old stuff! So…this dress was a recent H&M purchase. I’ve noticed that I’ll see items in their store before I see them on their website. So…maybe it’ll be available on their website soon. Ohhh, maybe in other colors too! *wishing Anyhoo, I know what works for my body type (pear-shaped), and this dress was just a perfect fit. Yea, baby! #HadToHaveIT


Dress: H&M (i love this one), Shoes: Mossimo, Purse: Brahmin (i want this one), Necklace: J. Crew (similar here), Bracelet: Banana Republic (i love this one), Earrings: Banana Republic DSCF8690 DSCF8695 DSCF8697 DSCF8700

Toodles! XO

Maxi Moments

Hi, guys! I hope you had a beautiful weekend! I truly did. Sometimes my weekends are so busy that I don’t get to enjoy moments but not this time. I commemorated the death of Christ. I spent time with my family. I spent time with some friends while eating great food and playing games. I was able to enjoy some alone time with my husband and with my daughter. Plus, it was all paced slowly enough for me to enjoy it! Gosh, we each have so much to be grateful for. Take time to consider those things.

My Outfit: I wore this outfit to the commemoration of Christ death. It was so comfortable, and I love the colors! On my Instagram account, I posted a pic in January of me at Dillard’s New Year’s Day sale. I go to the sale every year because I always find excellent deals! For those of you who know me personally, you know that I’m quite frugal. At the sale, I bought a bunch of dresses for $15 and under. This dress was one of them. I think the dress was originally over $100. Excellent deal! I want to do some “frugalista” posts in the future because I believe in shopping frugally. Anywho, I have rambled enough! Lol I hope you guys enjoy this post, and I’ll see you on the blog tomorrow!


Dress: Sugarlips (similar here), Belt: The Limited, Purse: Brahmin (similar here), Shoes: Michael Kors , Jewelry: Ann Taylor
S0028665 S0028653 S0028643DSCF8686

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