A Look Into My iPhone

Hi, loves! I have opened up my iPhone again for you guys. I have a few photos that I haven’t shared on my social media. Can you tell that I love going through the car wash? My baby and I always pretend like we’re somewhere else i.e. outer space or a disco party. Uh, yeah. The car wash is bomb! 😀 What do you think about a “What’s In My Bag Post”? I love those on YouTube, and I’m thinking about doing one here. Maybe…my work bag. Hmmm I’ll think on that. Look at my flower bed! Yep, my Charly and I planted those salvias and petunias. They’ve grown so much since these photos, and…so have the weeds. 😯 Anyhow, I hope you guys enjoy this post! imageimageimageimageimageimageimageimageimage

Lattice Look

Don’t you just love that moment when you find a cute dress and you already have the perfect shoes to wear with it in your closet? Oh yes! That’s what happened when I found this Eliza J dress! Both the dress and the shoes sport this lattice design, and I just love that they are so complementary. :-)

Lately, I’ve been crazy about Eliza J dresses. Actually, I’ve been loving them for awhile, but typically I buy them out of season so I can get them for a great deal. Remember, guys, I’m definitely a deal shopper. If you are loving Eliza J dresses too, then below I’m sharing some of my favorites of the new spring designs. They are so cute! 😀 Hope you enjoy!


Dress: Eliza J (similar here and here), Shoes: Saks Fifth Avenue GRAY (love these), Purse: Coach, Scarf: Coach (another here)


Blocking My Colors

Hi, peeps! I hope everyone is having an awesome week. My week has been pretty easy-going, and I’m very happy about that. :-) Today I am sharing an outfit that I wore on Sunday. I love color, especially this time of year!

After each major season (winter and summer), I pack up that season’s wardrobe and store it away. When the fall/spring begins, I unpack that wardrobe, and it’s like getting new clothes. I always get excited to see my wardrobe for the upcoming seasons. It’s also an opportunity for me to edit my wardrobe. I may look at it and say I need more this or less of that. This system has worked really well for me.

About two weeks ago, I unpacked my spring/summer wardrobe. Already, I have concluded several things! For example, I don’t need to buy another dress! NOT AT ALL! I love dresses, and I am pleased with every dress in my closet right now. The dress I am wearing in this post was purchased last year, and it is one of my favorite dresses. Even though there are some really cute dresses out this year, I am determined to be content with the many that I have. Hope you guys enjoy this post! Hopefully, I can do one soon about the holes in my closet/wardrobe.


Dress: H&M (similar here), Shoes: Jessica Simpson, Purse: Coach, Scarf: Coach 

image image image image


 Hi, loves! My weeks are always interesting and tend to have a theme. :-) This week is definitely a week to twirl. There’s so much hate around us on a daily basis. Sometimes it can take a lot to keep from crying or just to keep your head up. My admonition is always to be the best you. Despite the hate, love! Always show love. Those who hate don’t know what love is. We must show it and share it. Hope you guys are having an awesome week; and if not, then I hope you’re making the most of it anyhow. 😀

Dress: Gabby Skye (i love this one), Blazer: Zara (similar here), Shoes: Steve Madden, Sunglasses: BP.

image image imageimage

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