Fancy Friday: The Luxe Sweatshirt

Hey peeps! It’s time for another install of Fancy Friday. Today, I want to share with you some luxe sweatshirts that I love! Sweatshirts can be the perfect choice for an outfit. They are comfy, warm, and versatile.I love versatile pieces because you get more bang for your buck! ;-)  You can absolutely dress them up or down depending on how they’re styled.

Luxe sweatshirts are typically made well, embellished, embroidered, etc.  We aren’t talking about the Hanes sweatshirt! However, those can be quite chic as well when done right. Anyhoo, I digress. Luxe doesn’t have to mean expensive so I’ve shared a range of sweatshirts to suit your pocketbook. Hope you enjoy!

H&M Cord-embroidered Sweatshirt

Markus Lupfer Sequined Lips Sweatshirt

Kenzo Blue Appliqued Sweatshirt

Beyonce Green Cake By The Pound Sweatshirt

Addidas Maracatu Sweatshirt

Hemant And Nandita Crystal Sweatshirt

Forever 21 Longline Bass Doodle Print Sweatshirt

Style Inspiration: Miami Bound

Hi, guys! I’m gearing up for Miami! Whoop whoop! I’m super excited and soooo ready for a break. I’ve been searching Pinterest for some great beach looks since it’s been quite a while (like forever!) since I’ve gone to a beach.

Since I’m dreaming about Miami, I thought I’d share with you some of my style inspirations. I will definitely put my own twist on these looks, but they are a great base to my personal vacay style. I have yet to pack (the Ultimate Procrastinator), but when I do, I will have my outfits together!

First up is this J. Crew Embroidered Scallop Dress. I actually bought this yesterday for a steal! I was in J. Crew looking for…well…just because lol. Anyhoo, they only had two left, and they were both Size 2 (mind you I typically wear a size 6 in an A-line dress). I looked at it carefully, decided I might be able to pull this off, tried it on, and bam! It fit! *cue my happy dance  So…I have it and will be wearing it.

I absolutely love the look of a tee with a swimsuit! I definitely want to recreate this look!Ipanema-pop_oggetto_editoriale_620x465

I just love tomboy chic! I surely want to wear my black maxi dress and sneakers on one of my tour days.

My husband and I bought tickets to see the Miami Heat play the Cleveland Cavaliers. We are so excited! I’ve been pondering over what I’ll wear. Determined to wear heels, I figure my outfit should look something like this.

Okay so…this is how I imagine myself in Miami at night! Simple and elegant. All black errthang. By the way, this is Olivia Palermo (if you’ve been under a rock somewhere). She and I are like style sisters LOL. No, seriously. I would wear everything that she wears. EVERYTHING! Google her. She’s definitely one of my favorite fashionable celebrities. Plus, she has her own blog at #LoveHer

Most days in Miami, I plan to look like this:

Hope you enjoyed this post, loves! Toodles! XO

Fancy Friday: Gray Areas

monochrome_winter_look_fedora_31 603772f22367b08ccf97d8d6ac4797ae all_grey_knitted_look_61

Hey y’all! Don’t you just love the cold? I’m feeling quite cozy today. :-) Anyhoo, one of my winter favorites is GRAY! I love to pair gray on gray. It’s just so chic and cute. Really, I’m monochroming (I’m sure “monochrome” is not a verb) just about every “it” color this season. Gray has been my favorite for sure.

I don’t have a whole lot of gray in my closet, so I want a couple of sweaters. I thought I’d share some gray love with you, and maybe give you some ideas on how to add it to your wardrobe this winter. Hope you enjoy!

MANGO Wool-Blend Convertible Coat



Betsey Johnson Plaid Zip Infinity Scarf


Nasty Gal In Motion Palazzo Pants


Marc By Marc Jacobs Walley Wool-Blend Sweater


Vince Camuto Chantel


Obey Monte Pullover Grey Print Hooded Sweatshirt


New Balance M530


H&M Slim-Fit Pants

hmprodToodles! XO

A Look into my iPhone

Hi, people! Glad to be back on the blog this week! This time of year is very busy for me for various reasons, but I’m determined to make time for AnnaGirly. They say a picture is worth a thousand words, right?! So…to kind of give you a glimpse into my world the last few weeks, I’m opening my iPhone’s camera roll to you! Well…a little. :-) Hope you enjoy the pics!

IMG_1661[1] IMG_1806[1]IMG_1690[1]IMG_1694[1] IMG_1722[1]IMG_1480[1]IMG_1626[1]IMG_1646[1] IMG_1659[1] IMG_1494[1] IMG_1490[1]


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